Councilmember Pearce’s letter to BOS

Clovis City Councilmember Diane Pearce’s letter to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors advocating for the banning of certain LGBTQ books from public libraries has now been released.

In her letter to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, Diane Pearce expressed her disapproval of several “untitled” LGBTQ-themed books available in local libraries. Pearce has argued that these books promote an agenda that goes against her personal beliefs and serve to indoctrinate children. That they are inappropriate for public consumption, particularly for young readers. She has, in effect, called for the removal of these books from library shelves, effectively censoring literature that represents the LGBTQ community.

How to Write Your Letter in Support of LGBTQ books

Now, let’s discuss how you can write your own letter to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors to advocate for access to LGBTQ representation in our libraries.

Explain why you believe LGBTQ representation is important. Share personal anecdotes, experiences, or stories that illustrate the impact of such books have had on you or would have, if they were available to you.

If you wish, you can address the concerns raised by Diane Pearce, but do so respectfully and with facts and evidence that support your position. Reframe the issue as a matter of diversity, inclusion, and the protection of free speech.

Request that the Fresno County Board of Supervisors support equal access to LGBTQ-themed books in public libraries. Encourage them to uphold the principles of diversity and inclusion in their decision-making.


Sal Quintero [email protected]
Steve Brandau [email protected]
Brian Pacheco [email protected]
Nathan Magsig [email protected]
Buddy Mendes [email protected]

Postal Mail:

Chairman Sal Quintero
Fresno County Board of Supervisors
2281 Tulare Street, #301
Fresno, CA 93721


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